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Hotel Mainblick
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Unser Hotel von außen
Unser Hotel von außen
Einblick in unsere Zimmer
Einblick in unsere Zimmer

Our hotel garni is family-owend sice 1954

Mainblick' until 1954

Karl Eberlein born in Wildenholz rented the restaurant and the butcher shop in 1954 for 2 years.

1954 - First year as tenants

The butchery was very popular so, Karl and Emma Eberlein opended a subsidiary in Neustadt am Main.

1956 - First renovation

In 1956 Karl Eberlein bought the building and he renovated the house. The first hotel rooms were built. He called this guesthouse “Gasthof Mainblick”.

Aunt Elfriede - 1956

1956 picture after the renovation.

1960 - Daughter Gudrun

This is Gudrud the daughter of Karl and Emma Eberlein 1960 in this year her brother Karlheinz Eberlein was born.

1963 - Emma Eberlein and Gudrun Eberlein with guests from Recklinghausen

The family with guest from Recklinghausen 1963.

After renovation - 1970

The guesthouse after the second renovation in 1970.

Gasthof - Hotel Mainblick - 2003

In the year 1989 Karlheinz Eberlein took over the guesthouse from his father. The butcher shop was closed and more hotel rooms were built. In 1990 Gasthof Mainblick was reopened.

Group photo in front of Gasthof Mainblick

This pictures shows the family at the 50th anniversary of Gasthof Mainblick.